Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I buy a “live” fish from a seafood market and release it to save its life?

A1: No. Releasing fish from your aquarium, pond or other sources including the seafood market can pose a serious threat to our aquatic environment. Many fish are not native to Australia or to your local area and if released are difficult to eliminate and can pose a serious threat to fragile ecosystems and important industries, as they can breed and compete with local native species for food and space. They may also spread disease and parasites, and damage natural habitats.

Q2: Why are the fish so small? Can I release larger fish?

A2: All fish fingerings are sourced from DPI approved and appointed fisheries. Fish that are kept in a captive environment (i.e. fisheries) for too long are unlikely to survive in the wild after being released.

Q3: What does HappyU mean?

A3: Yu means “fish” in Chinese. Happy yu(fish) is released by a happy u (you).

Q4: When is annual fish releasing event?

A4: Depending on the breading season but usually in January every year.

Q5: May I take my children with me to the event?

A5: Yes! Releasing fish may help our children to practice compassionate mind and engage them in environmental awareness. As most of the releasing sites are located in a public park or dam, please mind your own children during the event.

Q6: What shall I bring on the day of the fish releasing event?

A6: Sun protection is a must. Please also wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may also get wet when standing in the shallow water.

Q7: Where is the event?

A7: We usually release 5,000 Australian Bass into the Parramatta Lake, and 5,000 Australian Bass into the Manly Dam. We also release up to 17,000 Golden Perch into the Burrinjuck Dam

Q8: How much is the fish fingerlings?

A8: We are registered as an incorporated association in New South Wales under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. All assets and income of Happyu are applied solely in furtherance of releasing Australian native fish fingerlings.

Each fingering is $1AUD unless otherwise stated, which includes shipping and transportation fee, equipment, fuel, admin cost, etc. With the Dollar-to-Dollar program, we may be able to release more fingerings with the matching fund.